Meryle is a creative autistic individual and is a voice actor, singer, writer, as well as conceptual performance and visual artist. She is also a some-time puppeteer.

As a voice actor Meryle is the voice of A.Side channel (formerly AUX), and narrator for Slice’s Style Factory.  She has done voice work for Goodyear, Hancook, Sunrype, Royal Winter Agricultural Fair and Horse Show, Family Channel, IABC, M.A.D.D., Toronto Argos cheerleaders, Mom’s Demand Action and many others.

Meryle has also done voice work for cartoons, voicing Zyquigyx in Crack Duck (airing as part of show “Night Sweats” on Adult Swim Ca) and staring as the title character in Parenthesis Humour.

She played main antagonist “Foster Mom” in Whimsically Challenged’s award winning 'The Soliciter', and puppeteered as Aunt Ida in Friend of a Friend Matchmaking ad.  Watch out for her in an upcoming (currently TOP SECRET!) puppet series.

Meryle is “too short to model” but ends up in runway shows and Toronto designer’s photoshoots regardless of her height.  She’s walked at F.A.T. (Fashion Arts Toronto), Mass Exodus, and RAW Showcases, and has worked with Amplify Apperal, Raezor Latex, Gloomth & The Cult of Meloncholy, and others.

She is an avid wrestling fan and has worked with Ontario independent wrestling federations as a Pro-Wrestling Ring announcer, and as promo-cutting wrestling manager “Whipper Cream" for several wrestlers in LGBTQA wrestling company League of Lady Wrestlers.

Meryle trained in Toronto’s Second City Musical Improv Conservatory, and enjoys making up dumb and silly songs in her free time… and all the time.

See Meryle’s Instagram for booking contact info.

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