Meryle Evans is a Singer, Voice Actor, Writer and Artist. 

Meryle is represented as a voice actor by Vox Talent and is the voice of A.Side channel (formerly AUX), narrator for Slice’s Style Factory and former Ring Announcer for Union and GCW Pro-Wrestling federations.  She has done voice work for Goodyear, Hancook Tires, Sunrype, Royal Winter Agricultural Fair and Horse Show, Family Channel, IABC, M.A.D.D., Toronto Argos Cheerleaders, Mom’s Demand Action and many others.  Her proudest moment is being replaced by John Legend in the ACLU’s video campaign “Meet your D.A.”

Meryle has also done voice work for cartoons, voicing Zyquigyx in Crack Duck (airing as part of show “Night Sweats” on Adult Swim Canada) and staring as the title character in Parenthesis Humour.

Meryle creates abstract colourful Cloud and Sky paintings, and psychedelic fashion collages.  Buttons, Stickers and prints of select pieces are available for purchase.

As an main actor Meryle played antagonist “Foster Mom” in Whimsically Challenged’s award winning 'The Soliciter', and was “Bad Date” and puppeteer in Friend of a Friend Matchmaking ads.  

Meryle has been an outdoor print model for a Salvation Army bus shelter campaign, has worked with fashion brands Amplify Apperal, Raezor Latex, Gloomth & The Cult of Meloncholy, and others. She’s walked fashion runway at F.A.T. (Fashion Arts Toronto), Mass Exodus, and RAW Showcases.

Essays, poetry and show announcements can be found in her Blog.

Meryle is an open and proud Aspergers Autistic individual and supporter of the Autism Self-Advocacy movement.  Her experiences receiving the Davis Method "Autism Approach" cognitive behavioural therapy are documented in Autism/Dyslexia/ADD expert Cathy Dodge-Smith Ed. D's soon to be released book.


To contact Meryle about bookings, music or film collaborations, art commissions or sales please email meryle.e.evans@gmail.com