Healing cats. / by Meryle

When I was 10 My Chiropractor/Naturopath had a cat problem.  She had her practice in the top floor apartment suite in a house in fancy-pants Yorkville.  The living room was the front office, and the bedrooms and small dining room were the practice areas.  It was a calm space with lots of soft sound, light, and calm energy.  In the summertime, they left the screen door to the back balcony/fire escape open.  And that summer for a whole week, one Cat refused to leave the appointment rooms.  Her or her husband (with whom she shared a practice) would bring a patient into a room and the Cat would be sleeping on the practice table.  They would chase the Cat out, but the next day the Cat would find a way back in, and they would find the Cat again on one of the tables.  This happened every day for a week.  Once she realized that the Cat wasn’t going to leave, it occurred to her that maybe, the Cat was coming to her office because it wanted an appointment.  So the next time she found the Cat lying on the table, she gave it a session.  She gave it a rub down, then gave it adjustments, and a reiki energy treatment.  The Cat didn’t act up or retaliate, it just let her do her work.  When she was done, the Cat got up, shook itself off, stretched and hopped off the table.  It left the office and she never saw it again.


So healers, thinking of this story I ask you, what is the thing in your life that won’t go away?  Is it something annoying and inconvenient? Are you trying to chase it away or are you healing it?  Because perhaps that person or thing that has been drawn into your life isn’t leaving yet because you still have your work to do.  If you want to get rid of your problems, love and heal them, and they will walk out the door on their own.