all the Stories never written down / by Meryle


my mind tries to take over this stuff 

its no good though 

none of it is real 

but the obtuse nature of it is hard to articulate in word 


a cascade of shapes 



like words that definitely can’t be heard, 

it’s absurd. 


a million stories written at night 

in my head 

in bed 

out of dread 

and then sung silently through my eyes to the stars.  


and it trembles 

and it dangles 

so delicately into the sea of our couscous construct 

and it vanishes 


in a nap, 

all flown far away 

never to be remembered 

ever to be repeated?

a moments passing and it has fleeted

silently slipping away on an alien wave form 


hitherto untethered by our slow running mind ports, 

incomprehensible chatter intersected by channels’ incommunicatively


forever spinning a web

just floating away on the breaze 

maybe dust 

maybe diamonds

who knows? 

who remembers?

thats the fantasy rubbing up against the real world, 

never letting penetration 

never achieving integration


- Meryle