Turner Transmission #5 by Meryle

"I turn my polarity towards music, towards expressing it all, even the good, and don’t be afraid of the bad it’s all glorious."


Yet such a masochist that it’s emotionally grounded in pain too.  How strange this little body, How strange this frantic mind.  Worrying about people it only barely realizes don’t matter.  They’re just a distraction and she keeps being distracted so well.  On the shackles on her thoughts, lets see if she turns around, lets see if she turns around and see’s us.  Lets see if its a story/tale or not.


How did we communicate before?  Always through words but the visual symbols changed so often.  Try it more, you’ll learn it quick enough, but hurry, don’t go scaring yourself with deadlines, they come, they are dead, breath your full breath out before you are gone.


If you think too much, move your body till you stop thinking.  Some movements work more efficiently at release than others.  Some movements must be expressed as the pure emotion they are.  


And if you can’t find the release valve for your expression anywhere, RUN.  Run like a child, run like you know freedom, run like it deeply matters where you are running to. Run until you can’t think of anything but how to keep your body moving and still breathing.  You have to express and run your frustration into the stratosphere and when you land back on earth with nothing on your mind, then you can start to permanently reorient your main programming.


So run, run till you can’t think any further, then let it all go and sing.