The Reflection Burns / by Meryle

Are you awake yet? I’m not, but the dreams have reached a fever pitch, and I can tell the break is coming soon.  It's the stage of lucid dreaming where you know you can’t control what's happening anymore, but you can control where you fly and how soon you open your eyes to the waking reality around us.

I’m tired.  Are you tired?  We all are.  It’s a challenge losing, it's a challenge having our worldview shaken up, it's a challenge to have everything you believe in about the world rattled around and re-configured.  The minute you believe you know the truth of how the world works, the rules change and the world asks you to come with it.  But you’re faced to the facade of the world you THINK you live in, and that leaves you with your back to the conscious world that is asking you to grow and change with it.  And if you leave your face to the facade for too long, your expectations will get out of line with conscious change, and the world will whip your back for attention, hitting you over and over, until you turn and face it/

If you don’t change are you nature or manufactured machine? Because if we don’t embrace the change, this stagnation leads to emotional and physical rust.